Q: Should I rent a bike from the touring company or bring my own along?

A: The answer to this question depends on many different issues. If your body type requires you to ride any kind of custom bike, take it along. If the tour is strenuous or involves many miles of hill climbing, chances are you’ll be most happy with your own bike, especially if it is a highend bicycle. If the terrain is questionable and the bike is likely to take a beating, you may want to leave your highend bike at home and use a rental. Most tour companies will not provide expensive bicycles. Ask the tour company for detailed information regarding the model, age and gears of its bicycles. If your tour is not demanding it’s best to consider renting a bike for the tour, but be sure you take your saddle and pedals along with you to swap out.

Q: I am bringing my bike along. What spare parts should I bring?

A: We suggest bringing 4 extra spokes for each of your wheels, extra cables, and any other small custom parts that might be hard to find. If you have odd-sized wheels, bring extra tires; regardless of wheel size, everyone should bring spare tubes. Bike Fridays are very popular with our clients – they are also very hard to find parts for outside of the US and Canada, so if you choose to bring one, bring plenty of replacement parts.

Q: Any other suggested items to bring that are not usually mentioned in the tour book?

A :Even if the tour company provides food and “bars” on the ride, they may not be what your body is used to. Carry a supply of your favorite energy bars, gels, and/or drink mix just in case your body doesn’t agree with the local favorite.

Q: What kinds of cyclists normally ride SITNICA tours?

A: You will find that most all bicycle tours feature a wide range of age groups and riding “types”. The core of our group is in the 45-65 age category. The whole group does NOT usually ride together – groups of similar riding abilities usually buddy up over the trip. Riders are free to ride all day, or stop as many times as they wish. Generally, the people are nice and friendly.This is your cycling tour, and it happens at your pace.

Q: Will I be comfortable traveling alone on one of these tours?

A: SITNICA guided tours are a fabulous idea for the solo traveler. Many people sign up specifically for these tours because they want to enjoy the company of other great cyclists. You can choose to share a room with an assigned same-sex roommate (to save money and provide companionship) or reserve your own room .

Q: What about local currency, passports, security and banking?

A: Most destinations we offer provide ATM services, so that you can draw out local currency upon arrival at good rates, rather than paying expensive rates for airport exchange services. It’s also a good idea to scan your passport and credit cards and save them digitally in your email account, and to keep hard copies at home with a friend. You should also keep hard copies of these items in a safe place in your luggage, separately from your originals, along with one alternate credit card and some money in case of wallet loss or theft.

Q : Is it advised to purchase travel insurance ?

A : You must have a medical repatriation insurance to travel with SITNICA .
We will ask you for your name and number of your policy on booking.

Q : When do I find out more about my trip ?

A : You will receive information about your trip one month before the first day of your trip .

Q : How many people can I expect to be on my bike tour?

A : We like to keep our trip size small. The maximum group size on our scheduled departures is 16 plus two tour guides. This allows us to pay more attention to details and at the same time personalize the service .

Q : How busy are the roads?

A : The beauty of cycling in Istria is that the roads are generally very quiet. Our tours happen as much as possible on quiet , local roads with some short stages on main roads used as connections .

Q : When is the best time of the year ?

A : Traditionally April/May/June and September/October and even November  have always been the most popular time of year because of the convenient weather conditions and less traffic .

Q : What happens if I can’t cycle a stage?

A : We   transfer your baggage ourselves and we can normally move you, your bike and baggage to the next stop in case of emergency.

Q : How far in advance do I need to book?

A : We suggest you book as soon as your plans are finalised as Istria and our other destinations are extremely popular .

Q : When do I get my tour documents?

A : You receive your tour documents, including your hotel list and information on how to get to your starting town and hotel , tour operator contacts, packing tips, and other helpful information, about 2-3 weeks before your tour. You get packets with maps, route instructions, and sightseeing information at your start hotel .

What our clients say

Hi Alen.
Wanted to drop a quick email to thank you and your helpful crew for such a great trip. It far exceeded my expectations and for all who have asked, I have highly recommended you and your company.
Hope you are not working too hard and enjoying the warm weather which I am sure you are still experiencing.
Be sure to keep my place in mind when you and your family come to Canada for a visit. You would love the Gulf Islands. All the best. Diane Swindell The Big Adriatic Tour 2013.

Hi Alen

A note from us to thank you for creating a wonderful trip. Once home I looked through some of the information provided by other tour companies. With the insights gained from having now been to Croatia, I am convinced we picked the right fellow to plan our cycle vacation. Your routes were great and varied enough that I feel I have a good sense of the country. Your trip notes were fabulous and made finding the route easy. Also thanks for being so patient in answering all of our many questions. All in all a memorable trip. If you ever want to refer to us for an endorsement, don't hesitate to contact us.

We also still extend an invitation to you and family to visit us and experience cycling and sightseeing in Canada.

Jean and Jim
Th Ottawa group cycling the Croatian coastline down to Dubrovnik , September 2013.
Hi Alen.

We are back home and continuing on with our cycling, although the few hills we have here look really small compared to the ones we did in Croatia.
Thanks for the great trip and your cycle route selection certainly gave us a good overview of the diverse landscape in Croatia. Lynda and I really enjoyed the trip and we now have many fond memories that will encourage us to continue on with our cycle trips. On our last day in Dubrovnik we watched a cruise ship come into port and we both said "not for us, cycling is way more fun and as long as we can cycle, we will.
Your hotel selection for the trip was awesome and we were always amazed at how helpful the staff at the hotels were. Good accommodations, great food and excellent support along the way, we couldn't ask for a better trip.

George & Lynda Childs
(Bike Friday Couple) CCCTS Cycle Group=

Hi Alen.
I would just like to thank you again for making the CCCTS bike tour in Croatia such a successful experience. I had loads of fun - "best time ever”. You were such an organized and professional guide. I was super impressed with your attention to detail and how accommodating you were to all of our idiosyncrasies (sorry about the fish heads). Thank you also to Damir and Goran. They were awesome also. I think Croatia is an absolutely beautiful country and hope to visit again some day. Thank you again, Lynne

Hi Alen.
We had a really great time and thought the routes, equipment and organisation were all fantastic so happy to put a review on there when you've got the site set up.
Thanks. Noel